Delving into the Archives – Equine Photoshoots

For the next few weeks I’m delving into my archives to share some of the horse and dog photoshoots I had the privilege of photographing but never actually shared them here on my blog! Sometimes life gets in the way and for whatever reason, blogging takes a bit of backseat as it doesn’t seem important at the time. I now realise that this is not something to put on the back burner for a rainy day and that it is actually vital for my business plus I know many of my clients love taking a look at their blog feature. So this is something I intend to address and improve upon.

I thought I’d share a really lovely photoshoot I had with Simone and her horse Olly. Olly from recollection is a bay Irish Sporthorse. At the time of this photoshoot he was stabled in Normanton-le-Heath a little rural village in Leicestershire. You can see that their partnership is quite special and that Olly does love a little cuddle. The whole photoshoot was just so lovely and we had the best time exploring the location around the yard. I’d love to go back to this yard one day and create more beautiful images as it was just a perfect location. When you have such amazing backdrops to work with, you never run out of ideas – then makes for a great gallery for the client to look back upon and select their stunning wall art.

The photoshoot took place one summer evening and you couldn’t have asked for better weather or lighting. It was stunning. Mind you, summer evenings are pretty perfect for photoshoots, just mind the gnats – they can be annoying but hey, it’s summer and sadly it cannot be avoided especially when there is a horse around.

As this photoshoot was some time ago now. I’ll share some images and a photo slideshow of Simone and Olly. Enjoy

If you would like to have an equine photoshoot yourself, just get in touch and we can have a chat about it. My diary for 2023 is open.

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