Crufts 2023 Best in Show Winner – NEC Birmingham – What was the breed?

Wow what an exciting Crufts we had this year, it was so good! I didn’t get to watch it all, nor did the opportunity arise to attend it in person but it’s something I look forward to every year and try to watch the parts I’m interested in namely the hounds and gundogs but I did enjoy the agility classes this year! I will get to go one year…

So for those reading this and have an interest in dogs, were you surprised at the winning breed? Had you heard of that breed prior to Crufts?

Well back in 2020, I got to meet and photograph a Lagotto Romagnolo called Monty. Not a working gundog but a very adorable and much loved family pet who just enjoyed playing and chilling so our photo session was simply that! Monty had so much personality and was just a pleasure to photograph. That cheery, playful character made me fall in love with this breed so yes I was so happy to see Orca win the crufts title ‘Best in Show 2023’. Even happier knowing that I had personally met and photographed a Lagotto.

So what is the Lagotto Romagnolo? It’s an Italian bred dog and is/was used for duck hunting/retrieving. Often referred to as a ‘water dog’. Its origin is from the marshlands in Delta Del Po a region outside of Romagna. These days the breed is used for seeking out Truffles because of its astute scent capabilities.

Check out this little slideshow of Monty’s photoshoot.

Lagotto Romagnolo photoshoot in Derbyshire
Lagotto playing with the leaves
Lagotto enjoying playtime
A Lagotto ‘water dog’
Lagotto Romagnolo
Lagotto running through the meadow at home

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