Ollie & Charlotte – Equine Photoshoot in the New Forest

Yay at last it seems as though the spring we love has finally arrived. The endless mud is slowly drying up and the sun is out and yes it’s not raining! I really don’t want it to rain too much more now as I really want to crack on with my photoshoots. My last photoshoot was end of November 2022 but no fear, I have been doing weddings.

I’ve tried many times to get some winter sessions booked in but alas it didn’t happen (more to do with the endless mud than anything else) and we’re now deep into the spring. I have my first dog photoshoot of the year this coming Sunday, so I’m off to check out the location later on this week. With that follows many horse photoshoots come end of May and well into June. I’m not going to lie, this year has been exceptionally trying with not only the cost of living crisis but the weather has been a total hinderance. All these things really have slowed the whole process down but alas there is light at the end of what seems a very dark, long tunnel!

Anyway, enough with the gloomy stuff, here a little spring photoshoot from 2022 down in the New Forest and it was a super warm, sunshiney day! Here is the beautiful Charlotte and her event horse Ollie. I love Charlotte’s chosen look with the powder blue patterned summery dress coupled with a pair of Fairfax & Favour suede boots just to complete the look. It worked so well with the greens of the forest and with Ollie’s super liver chestnut colouring.

I’ll be updating my super summer outfit guide shortly and will post a few ideas here on the blog too.

Charlotte and Ollie
Liver Chestnut event horse in the New Forest

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