Are you sitting on the fence?

Interesting title and absolutely no pun intended BUT are you actually sitting on the fence about booking in your equine photoshoot experience? You want to do it BUT….. (that but really is annoying). I’ll do another specific about dogs later on.

There are probably several reasons why you find yourself here and well here goes, I’ll try and read your mind! I’ve been here many times, not necessarily about having a photoshoot but my ongoing training to improve myself greatly. The BUT factor always creeps in it’s human nature to continually question something, it’s how our brains work. So here goes, many a reason why our brains say NO.

The expense – cost of living crisis – yes this shit is real and many a household has made some adjustments in their life to accommodate this and yes photography is seen as a luxury product/service. This is one reason I’ve heard millions of times. What you have to ask yourself is, when is there a good time? There will always be stuff that stretches our finances throughout our lives, our horses/dogs cost money to keep. Look at it like this – What better way to reward yourself than with a beautiful photoshoot experience and at the end of it, receive the most gorgeous framed image of you and your horse? It is so much more than a quick shot on your mobile phone. Having said this, if mobile phone photos are perfect for you then that’s also just fine too and for some, this blog post will no longer apply.

I’ve also had many clients that book in having saved money to have the photoshoot they’ve worked so hard to pay for, as yes, it is for some ‘a once in a lifetime experience’. AND you know what they have the most wonderful time and do end up buying more. Anyone who knows me will definitely say there is no pushy after sales here… I’m just here to showcase the images and advise on products and assist with questions. Undoubtedly will have tissues at the ready for those happy tears.

Another thing to factor in is the fact that our beloved four legged besties have such a short time on this earth with us, it’s a matter of preserving such precious times that will live on through many generations to come.

Being in front of the camera – Yes I get it. I know how hard it is being in front of the camera. The thought of posing terrifies you right? What if I said all you need do is take a deep breath, relax, enjoy the moment because it is all about you and your horse. It’s the connection I’m interested in. Seeing the trust you have, that special bond everything that you have as a partnership, this is what an equine photoshoot experience is all about. Not posing, just authentic imagery showing you and your horse at your very best. A chance for you to select your favourite outfits, groom like you’ve never groomed before – more than show ready. Polish that bridle so it looks like new and be at one with your horse. Seriously, admiring all that hard work you will just forget about me until I give the next direction and yes I’ll guide you every step of the way. All you need to do is smile and enjoy these beautiful moments.

Horse Behaviour – Yes horses can be very unpredictable they are special. I’m a horse owner of a rather large 17HH Irish Draught – he’s not small and his feet are like Clydesdales and no I wouldn’t want him treading on me! So you have my absolute understanding why you may feel a little apprehensive. I’ve been an equine photographer for 10 years now I’ve encountered many different horse personalities and breeds. I’ve also seen many types of personalities and in all that time, I’ve only called one shoot off halfway through because I felt it was time to let it be to save the owner becoming upset and reschedule for another time. That next time, it was so much better and we had a lot of smiles and a happy pony. The pony just wasn’t feeling it on the first occasion so yes things can happen but it is very rare. I will always schedule in a break for us all during the photoshoot. So if you’ve a restless or quirky on their toes kind of horse, I’ll be as quick as I can to grab the shots then move on. Most of all, you can trust me I’m a horse mum too, I understand!

Not sure what to wear – This one is very simple. You’ll have lots of things in your wardrobe that you wouldn’t even think to try. My advice is to bring a selection of your wardrobe with you (I have a super guide on what to wear) and using my expertise together we can have a lot of fun putting a collection of outfits together. The main thing is you must feel comfortable in your selection. any doubt and this will show in your images. For example, if you don’t wear flowy dresses, don’t include them. If you’re more a jeans and shirt kind of person, then bring those along with a lightweight sweater/accessories etc. The guys look ultra cool wearing jeans and a smart/casual shirt for the summer and a nice sweater and jeans when it’s cooler. Equally Jodhpurs look great too with a polo shirt and gilet. So many possibilities when it comes to clothing. You will have something more than suitable for the photoshoot.

My location isn’t great – I hear this a lot. Many a livery yard is seen without a creative eye. There are always places to do photos. Trust me to find those little hidden gems. I’ll always arrive to a photoshoot location early so I can do a quick scout round. It also helps be get my bearings and my brain into gear. Together with my trusty pen and paper (so I don’t forget) I’ll plan places for each part of the shoot ie. yard area, the fields, perhaps a lane. There will be many locations that can be utilised. I’ll also look for props such as a nice gate, perhaps a stone wall, a bench, an avenue of trees, maybe some woodland – hopefully you get the picture. I’ve been to many yards where it has looked pretty basic but there is a little magic everywhere. Sometimes you just need to search it out and smile.

Are you still sitting on that fence?

Here’s a little slideshow I’ve put together for this blog piece and at the end I’ll ask again… Enjoy!

If you would like to know more about an equine photoshoot experience, then please drop me an email to or click the more info button below. Lastly, are you still sitting on the fence?

Thank you so much for reading and watching the slideshow which I hope you enjoyed.

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