The UK’s Top 100 Dog – No.1 The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I’m a bit late posting this as been a tad busy with one thing or another.  I promised myself that I would organise my posts in advance.  This I’m working on… 🙂

So today I’d like you to meet Coco an 8yo Staffordshire Bull Terrier that I see most mornings when I’m walking my two dogs.  I approached Tracey, Coco’s human one snowy morning asking if I could take a few photos of her brindle coloured Staffy as the breed had just won the UK’s top dog which was televised on ITV.  Thankfully, Tracey agreed and we met up later on that day.

Chatting away to Tracey as I was clicking away, she was telling me that little Coco as a young pup before she met her adoptive human had been subject to a difficult time as a teeny puppy.  I can never understand why a human would do this to something so delicate and it’s always lovely when dogs find their forever home, where they are loved unconditionally.  This is just what happened to Coco at aged 12/14 weeks old came to live with Tracey and grew up to be such a beautiful, kind and loving dog with the care of her new family.  Coco is without a doubt gorgeous and it was a pleasure spending half an hour with her.  It’s not easy for a human to have photos taken by a stranger let alone a dog, who has never met with you before and starts pointing some weird object at you.  She was a little poppet.  I used one camera for these and a first using the Fujifilm XT2 with 56mm lens attached.  Just love this little camera!

Without further ado, say hello to Coco, photographed just as she was…..


Mel’s Equine Photoshoot

After my photoshoot with Lucas and Reg, I then went onto do Mel’s two wonderful horses.  Now I was a little naughty here as I’ve since forgotten the horse’s names which is a rare thing for me…. I’m all for all the necessary details. Yes I could ask the owner but I don’t have her details either as a friend booked it for her!

Anyway, the sun shining brightly the first horse up was a gorgeous Palomino gelding.  A cheeky character which you will clearly see.  He was a joy to photograph.  We went to several locations around the yard (this yard is full of possibilities) escaping from all the over bright spots of the sun.  Natural light was used throughout the session which was natural and just lovely.   Once that shoot had finished out came Mel’s big Dark Bay boy and again he was a pleasure to photograph.


Golden Retriever Day

Today is Golden Retriever Day… so to celebrate such an occasion, I thought I’d share a recent photoshoot I did with Belle, an 8 month old Golden Retriever.   Belle was exceptionally behaved and maybe one day become a working dog but for the moment, she is a very much loved part of the family who loves having lots of adventures.

The Golden Retriever was voted number 9 in the UK’s Top 100 Dogs which was shown on ITV w/c 27 January 2019.  If you’re a dog lover and missed it, you can view it on ITVhub on Catch Up.

If you would like to know more about my dog photography sessions, please free to drop me an email over at my page at TMS Photography.


Lucas & Reg – Equine Photoshoot

Sometime ago I photographed two horses owned by the lovely Rachel called Reg and Lucas – completely different personalities but an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Rachel found out about by equine photography by seeing an offer on my Facebook page TMS Photography and I believe she’d heard about me from other horsey ladies down at the yard.

The day was bright and sunny which isn’t always the best but it is what it is and we’re always grateful for a little bit of sunshine.  So we began with a photo of Rachel and both horses seeking shade beside a hedge and big tree.  Having to keep one horse still is always a challenge but two, well they were certainly well behaved and stood very patiently while I took several shots, moving around to ensure the best photo would be taken.  The aim of any photoshoot is to capture not only the owner/horse bond but also the horses own personality and the outtakes make for great viewing and would put a smile on any horse owner’s face!

My sessions are anything between 1-2 hours long and can feature outfit changes, riding and classic black backgrounds where applicable.  I generally work in natural light only occasionally bringing out my flash for more dramatic shots if the sky is moody or the sun is very bright and I need to balance everything.  It is very relaxed and I do try to keep horse entertained and move around a little so prevents boredom.  Horses don’t really understand a photoshoot and some find it impossible to stand still for long periods of time in the same spot!  I am a fellow equestrian myself so I do understand horses and am experienced with horses.  I tend to opt for evening or early morning horse photoshoots during the summer the months to avoid the heat and relentless flies, June being especially bad with the horseflies around.  The horse photoshoot can take place on a yard or on location somewhere either a favourite bridleway or place (with the obvious permission from the land owner if private land).

As a horse photographer, I am situated in the East Midlands perfectly located to reach Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire.  I can also travel further afield as well to other neighbouring counties such as Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire.

My love for equine art photography continues to grow year on year and I’m very much looking forward to 2019!  For more information about booking a horse photoshoot, please visit my website at TMS Photography


January 2019 Sale – Dogilicous Giveaway

So all of this month I am offering clients past and present the opportunity to have some beautiful outdoor portraits taken of their four legged friend(s).

This offer is half my usual price which is normally £125.00 per session and includes a £25.00 spend voucher.   For January I’m offering this at £65.00 – yes just £65.00 and yes it still includes a £25.00 spend voucher!  I’m generous, I really am and that’s purely because I love photographing dogs and horses of course.  You don’t have to book a date in January it can be as soon as spring arrives.  All I ask that bookings are paid for in advance and a suitable date is booked in.  Dogs go out in all weathers but if it’s really vile, we’ll simply reschedule to another convenient date.

Our four legged friends like us won’t be here forever. So why not invest in a memory that will last for generations beyond our own?  I still love looking at old photographs of my grandparent’s and great grandparents.  My great grandad was a horse rider, my dad has a super photo of him all dressed in a tweed riding coat and breeches!  So that must be where I get it from – not the dressing, the riding and my obsession with horses!

So what do you get for £65.00?

  • You get an experienced dog photographer who is fully insured and extremely patient who just loves dogs and getting on the ground
  • A 1-2 hour photoshoot on location – either near where I am based or somewhere in-between.  There are lots of beautiful walks around the Midlands
  • All the post processing that goes into making beautiful images – it’s not simply a click and that’s it done
  • An online gallery that you can share with family and friends
  • Guidance about suitable sizes for prints, albums and digital package options
  • The option to purchase the digital and social media files
  • A pre-consultation to go through what to expect on the photoshoot
  • A £25.00 spend voucher to put towards prints, digitals and wall art etc

Don’t worry if you’re not able to let your dog off a lead, I can work with this, I have two beagles and they very rarely get let off the lead.  Basic commands is all I need so dogs ideally should be able to sit and stay but I can work with dogs in training or young pups – you’d be surprised how quickly I can get a shot taken.  Other than that we just enjoy a great walk come rain or shine.

So here are some examples of gorgeous dogs I’ve photographed in the last several weeks!



Happy New Year – It’s 2019

It’s been a while since my last blog – in fact I’ve been terrible but hey ho, can’t live in the past of oops, I forgot to blog again!

Hope you all had a lovely Festive break.  I work and play during this time – well to be honest I’m always doing something work related whether I’m at home or enjoying a nice break away.

So what did you all do over the festive period?  I was lucky enough to get to see New Year Eve in down in London on Waterloo Bridge.  It was amazing I have to say, never experienced fireworks like it. The only downside was having to stand on the bridge for a good few 3 hours before it got to midnight to get a good spot!  All worth it though.  Enough about me, what do you do? Please, please drop a comment.

Christmas wasn’t all joyous though, particularly the run up to it.  We had sad news about the death of our nephew which came as a shock to everyone but as a supportive family we gave him the send off he truly deserved! A proper rainbow themed send off which would have made him so proud as well as the all appropriate Britney song which he so loved!

So, today I thought it was about time I shared a short montage with you all just merely showcasing what I love doing.  Please grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the slideshow!

PS. There is lots happening at TMS Photography – competitions galore so follow me here or on Facebook @tmsphotographyuk to find out the details!

Enjoy and here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2019!

Self-Employment and Getting Away -to Avoid Burn Out

Being self-employed is firstly something I love and I’m not sure I could ever work for someone again. Why? simple, I get to do everything I love and the satisfaction that I’ve done it for me and of course my fabulous clients plus I get to travel to new places and have lots of cool adventures along the way – what’s there not to love right?

Well, there are a few niggles and disadvantages of being self-employed. It’s not all rosey, I work long hours, never really switch off (as I write this blog on a rainy Sunday afternoon camping). I don’t get sick pay or a pension nor am I entitled to holiday pay. I work seven days a week most weeks but I find gratitude in this (the working side) the monetary side is of course very seasonal, so careful budgeting is required and I’m certainly not great at this and something I need to work heavily on. I’m not complaining whatsoever though, I’m happy enough. So this Bank Holiday weekend after back to back weddings every weekend in August, I have gone camping. Switching off (albeit I filmed a wedding yesterday and am doing blog posts now) but decided to combine that wedding with time out with my husband who is also self-employed and has been non-stop the last three weeks. It’s raining outside so why not use this downtime to write a little blog post…. 😊

My recent days have been spent on a gorgeous campsite in Worcestershire situated next to the River Seven. It has ducks, chickens, Pygmy goats and offers fishing and lots of walking. It’s really beautiful and tranquil. Even listening to the rain is nice and today is chilling out winding down from yesterday’s 14 hour day. The evening Sunsets here are beautiful – there is just a calming presence here and just what we needed. Ok doubt they’ll be a colourful sunset today.

The only camera I have purposely taken out with me is my iPhone. I’m happy, loving life and taking care of myself as not to burn out! I think I’ve rambled on enough now but my message to anyone self-employed is to get away from time to time and switch off even if it’s just for an hour, she says 😉. Appreciate all you have and the life you live, no matter where you are and take a moment to close your eyes and breathe!

Dog’s beginning with A

Continuing with dog breeds I’ve photographed over the last couple of years, I had the pleasure of photographing two gorgeous Airedale’s, which lets face it, are big teddies.   With their tight curls and square beards, they are beautiful terriers and it might just surprise you that their coat is very soft!


Dog’s beginning with A

Hello, been a few weeks since the last blog.  As summer is here and it’s very hot outside, it’s a little too warm for dog photoshoots after 11.00am and not before 6.00pm, so I’ve been coming up with some new ideas which I hope to announce later on this week.

In the meantime, I thought I’d go through the different dog breeds I’ve had the honour of photographing in the last couple of years.  The first dog I’d love to share is the Australian Shepherd Dog.  A truly beautiful dog and I cannot wait to photograph another one :).  The photos shown here are taken during my One day dog photoshoots that I offer from September onwards.  I appreciate that not everyone likes to be outdoors so yes I will be offering full indoor dog photoshoots very soon, so please watch this space!  If you’d like to receive more information on my indoor dog portrait sessions, then please do drop me an email at


Engagement Shoot – Bradgate Park

I love Bradgate Park in Leicestershire for many reasons. Aside from it being the ancestral home of Lady Jane Grey (The Nine Day Queen), it boasts from beautiful views across the valley which are steeped in history, beauty and wildlife.  Anyone who knows me, knows how I love history especially the Tudor/Stuart era, so this place is great to me.  Endless walks and pretty scenery at every turn.

The deer at Bradgate Park are infamous and seemingly they are adored by all.  It’s a beautiful place to walk around.  Dan and Dani chose Bradgate Park for their engagement session because it’s so pretty.  I’m sure you’ll agree the surroundings and a such a loving handsome couple make it perfect.

Here are few photos from Dan and Dani’s engagement shoot.


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