Mother’s Day – Sunday 14th March 2021

It’s that time of year once again as Mother’s Day fast approaches on Sunday 14th March 2021. I don’t know about you guys out there but my mum is so difficult to buy for. Being nearly 70 she pretty much has a lot of things and she really isn’t into the whole spa/beauty thing or the bright lights of a big city. Her wardrobe is fit to bursting and she is fussy with food. So doesn’t leave much to choose from, so I do have to think out the box a little still getting something that she’ll appreciate.

Many mums I’ve come across in my line of work are huge animal lovers and will have a dog, a horse or both! So with this in mind, I’ve created a little Gift Certificate perfect for those fab mums out there! This is simply about giving the gift of memories. There really is no other gift more real that will keep your mum smiling every single day.

So what’s the catch? None it’s a one time offer just for Mother’s Day. Here are the details:-

It’s a full one hour photoshoot at the yard or location of choice within the Midlands area or I can suggest suitable locations perfect for dog portraits. It includes three 8×6″ prints as standard ready to frame all nicely gift wrapped. A private online gallery where your mum can view and select her prints with an option to purchase more or upgrade to a print package. All editing is included as standard. All this for £85.00 an incredible offer as it’s a saving of £85.00.

To enquire about purchasing an E-Gift Certificate for Mother’s Day, please drop me an email at

Harry – Fox Red Labrador’s Photoshoot in Derbyshire

Today, I thought I’d share my photoshoot that I had back in January 2019 with the gorgeous and extremely handsome Harry. I’ve done a good few photoshoots with Harry the Fox Red Labrador.

This time we decided to use the woodland area at the back of Bretby Hall – formerly an Orthopaedic Hospital but was converted many years ago now to prestigious apartments (which look stunning). The path eventually leads to a bridlepath which I’ve ridden along countless times over the years.

There is a mixed bag of lighting and challenges but for action photos outdoors, it does offer a varied amount of backdrops and little paths still within the main path that are perfect for a dog to explore. It does get extremely muddy though and once on the bridlepath you have to be aware of horse riders taking their precious steed for a much needed canter up the hill. It’s not a place I would regularly do a dog photoshoot and haven’t done one there since. It was an exploration of new areas for an outdoor photoshoot that would be good for your dog. With horses around and some livestock in the adjoining fields, it’s not the best but ok for a one off!

So here is Harry’s two winter photoshoots – the latter one was done when I took him out for a walk in the snow!

If you would like to book your dog in for a photoshoot, please drop me an email at

Pricing starts from just £125.00 and all my packages offer a product of some kind!

National Golden Retriever Day

Today is as the title suggests, National Golden Retriever Day. I’d love to know how many of you out there, have or have owned a Golden Retriever?

Back in January 2019 I had the honour of photographing the very beautiful Belle. Only a youngster at the time think about 9 months old and a very much loved family pet but exceptionally well trained. All I can say about Belle, is that she was so graceful to photograph the session consisted of a variety of shots which did include some nice sitting/lying down shots. My clients often want a mix of posed and natural and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Wherever possible I just let dogs just simply be dogs and leave them to explore their surroundings. As a dog photographer, I have to be pretty quick.

As it is National Golden Retriever Day, I thought I’d give you all a little fact about myself in my younger years. When I was 16-17 years old, I used to show Golden Retrievers at County level. The day before involved many hours of bathing and grooming the dogs going to the show, too high standards = show standard. I was just a mass of wet threw hair monster by the time I had finished. There were 3-4 dogs to get ready. Back in the day, I showed what I call a Honey coloured Retriever (similar colour to the Labs we call Fox Red), as he was a darker Golden colour in comparison to the standard light Golden ones. Sadly, the judges never really took to him, yet he was just so stunning with the most striking head he just never got placed – that’s the joys of showing!

I’ve also included a few images of a Golden Retriever working out in the field as you don’t them too often, well I haven’t in any case. First off thought, please do watch the short photo slideshow of Belle.

working golden retriever

Speckle, Riley & Errol – Outdoor Dog Photoshoot at Battram Woods

Catching up with a little blogging this afternoon before the weekend starts. I’m trying my best to keep up the whole writing thing.

So, I met with Speckle and Riley up at Battram Woods which is near Ellistown one frostyish December morning back in 2018. The sun was out shining and it was just a great morning for a dog photoshoot. I had never been to Battram Woods before so Laura kindly plotted out a suitable route to follow with me just simply snapping away. A little bit about Speckle and Riley. They are both English Pointers bred for Showing rather than working in the field as gundogs. Both have a bouncy happy go lucky personality and it was massively important to me to capture this. Both dogs were not interested in posing, which is fine they just wanted to explore this place and that involved lots of running around, sniffing and going into the undergrowth as that’s what dogs do. They do this instinctively as their noses are extremely powerful. So I just photographed them naturally just being dogs. With some dogs that’s perfectly fine. I get that not all dogs want to sit and pose beautifully which is why I love a mix of photoshoots. Makes everything so interesting and different. As every dog is different and for some, the posing element isn’t really important. A dog’s unique personality is what makes the photos memorable.

It was fun, challenging photoshoot which I thoroughly enjoyed. After I had finished the photoshoot, I then asked if we could do some of Errol the Whippet as he was in the car waiting patiently for his little runaround. Oh my, what a cutie but wow he was fast!

I know that Speckle has recently become a mum as well, so congratulations Speckle on the birth of your puppies (albeit getting to be several weeks old now) – not that she can read any of this but Laura can.

Dan the Wire Haired Hungarian Vizsla – Photoshoot

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post – and I keep meaning to blog more frequently but have failed dismassly and I have sadly ran out of excuses, so I won’t make any. Now I am unable to go out on photoshoots, I will blog more. It will be on my content schedule. Yes I am actually making a monthly content planner so I don’t forget things and remain focused! There I said it so now you’ll be able to hold me accountable for this.

So on a cold January Saturday afternoon, I thought I’d share this fabulous photoshoot I did back in December 2018 with Dan, a very handsome Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla. Dan is a trained working dog out in the field so I definitely wanted to capture on camera, some element of this, so the photoshoot was geared up for natural shots of Dan exploring the ins and outs of the bracken and the woodland. I was really pleased when Dan’s hooman mummy brought along an already dead pheasant (so please don’t be alarmed). So we used this right at the end of the photoshoot just to finish off. There are few photos of Dan’s friends that came along too, including a very young whippet just out for some fresh air really but ooh so cute!

I met Dan and Steph up at Beacon Hill Country Park – I do love it here. It has lots of places ideal for a photoshoot – particularly in December as the cattle have been moved so the dogs can run off the lead in the open area. Even if the cattle are there, there are still many surrounding pathways to walk around. Just in case you wish to venture off and explore Beacon Hill Country Park, please note that you do have to pay for parking as with most country parks and it’s not overly expensive to be fair.

Here’s a short photo slideshow of Dan’s photoshoot:-

Luke & Pie – Equine Photoshoot – Northamptonshire

Luke’s mum had got in touch with me to organise a photoshoot with her son, Luke and his horse Pie. It was to be a farewell for these two as Luke had outgrown Pie, so she was off to a new home and he was getting a bigger steed for new adventures. The photoshoot would take place at the Livery yard where she had been sold that very morning.

Pie was a Piebald mare hence her name. She enjoyed a variety of horsey adventures from showing to jumping. Her and Luke had an incredible bond together and it was quite heart wrenching to see them spend the last day together before she left for her new home. The photoshoot took place just outside of Daventry on a private livery yard tucked away in the countryside. We only had the confines of the yard to work with being the menage, the gateway to the menage and stable. It was a particularly bright and sunny October afternoon but very mild for the time of year. What was more important than the aesthetics of the space I was working within was the connection Luke and Pie had and I think it really doesn’t matter what your yard is like, there are always little pockets of beauty for me to create a little creative magic. What you see, is not what I’ll visualise at all!

I’ve not heard from Luke since the photoshoot and I hope all is well with him and his new horse and who knows, he may just see this blog post and well say hello!

My Favourite Photos from the session

horse and owner photoshoot
piebald horse
equine photoshoot
horse photographer northamptonshire
horse photography uk
Piebald mare
portrait piebald horse and her owner
horse and rider in menage walking
horse photography UK
horse owner partnership
horse photography in northamptonshiire
horse and owner portrait northamptonshire- connection
bond with horse
horse and rider - equine photographer
equine portraiture TMS Photography

Teddy’s Equine Photoshoot in Derbyshire

Teddy, a Connemara X belonged to Megan. This photoshoot was something very special to Megan as it was a little goodbye shoot as she was leaving Derbyshire to go to university up North and Teddy would be going to a new home. Luckily to someone that Megan knew, so that was all good.

Their relationship and connection as horse and rider/owner was so beautiful to capture on camera. He is just a bundle of joy and cuteness. During their time together, they had fun doing mounted games, jumping going to local shows. So a good fun partnership there. It was just a beautiful afternoon for a photoshoot and the weather was perfect to be honest. You couldn’t ask for more.

The photoshoot took place in the picturesque village of Ashover, near Chesterfield. There is a a bridle path easily accessible just near the Old Poets Pub. It was just gorgeous and there really isn’t much I can say to be honest to add to this blog post. Please stay and watch the little slideshow I put together for Megan. Plus some of my favourite photos from the session.

Equine Photoshoot in Derbyshire – Teddy

Some favourite photos:-

If you would like more information about my equine photoshoots, then please do get in touch over at

Gift vouchers are also now available to purchase!

The Dreaded Covid-19 Thing

So today I have written a little Covid-19 Statement on my website. All it is there for is to simply give reassurance to all clients be it old or new ones. It’s TMS Photography’s promise to adhere to safe working practices whilst still being able to take those wonderful portraits.

The Covid-19 Statement

Contactless and Cashless Equine/Dog/Brand Photography

TMS Photography has been working hard to ensure that TMS Photography can still supply your portrait session photographs in the safest possible way.  Clients past, present and new can be assured that during these rather difficult times, any sessions booked can be amended, rescheduled to an alternative date at no extra cost. Vouchers if purchased during 2020 can be extended to allow for extra time in the event of Covid-19 restrictions.

The safety of my clients and photographer is paramount to TMS Photography. TMS Photography has read through all the Government guidelines, familiarising with best working practices and still being able to capture quality portraits, social distancing measures can be maintained.

For the Client:-

  • If you are feeling unwell with a high temperature, a cough that is not usual to your own wellbeing – so out of the ordinary, loss of taste/smell, please let TMS Photography know as soon as possible where the session can be rescheduled.
  • If you are in a Lockdown area, please let TMS Photography know as soon as practically possible where the photoshoot cannot take place it can rescheduled
  • If you are located in an area of Localised Lockdown, do not travel outside that area for your photoshoot. Let TMS Photography know and we can reschedule.
  • Rule of six applies both outdoors and indoors to maintain best working practices and for the safety of client and photographer – this will change with Government advice as and when.
  • When it comes to previewing images, if you are located in an area of Lockdown, the photos will be placed onto an online gallery for you to view with a follow up Zoom call.
  • Previewing images can be done at a safe distance in larger spaces indoors.  Masks are to be worn by both client and photographer where social distancing is not possible.  Hand sanitisers will be readily available for use 

The Photographer 

  • If TMS Photography is suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms or has tested posted, all clients will be informed immediately and any appointments, photoshoots, deliveries of products will be rescheduled
  • If the area where the photographer is located is part of a localised Lockdown, clients will be contacted and any appointments rescheduled accordingly
  • TMS Photography will wear a mask when required for the safety of clients and the photographer when working in close proximity where social distancing cannot be maintained. 
  • Please respect these Guidelines at all times, they are here to protect everyone and prevent the spread of Covid-19

Thank you x

Introducing Animal Portrait Artist – Katy Ferrari

So over the course of the next few months, I will be featuring some pretty awesome people who like me love animals. Today’s feature is the superbly talented animal artist Katy Ferrari based in the East Midlands. Her work is just incredible but don’t take my word for it, go check her out at

I’ve known Katy for a good few years now and have photographed all her beautiful Welsh Collies and every session has been great. Her dogs have been wonderful and all three extremely photogenic and full of action. One photoshoot (the first one ever) even saw me get thigh high into the reservoir to capture a flying collie. A couple of years later, I got the opportunity to photograph her new puppy, Noodle last summer when she was just 16-20 weeks old I believe.

So I asked Katy how and when she developed this amazing artistic talent and how that has since progressed into a business for her.

Katy: I have always had a love for drawing, it’s all I wanted to do from the moment I could hold a pencil, I spent all my preschool time at my easel! My first school report age 5 says “Katy is showing an artistic talent”.

I got 98% in my GCSE art exam at school but chose not to go to art college as all i wanted to do was draw animals do I completed a degree in equine studies and worked with horses.

I have drawn portraits as a hobby and a side line alongside full time work since 1996. Having had a keen interest in horses since my first riding lesson at 5 years old, horses are the main subject of my work with dogs a close second.

Initially I worked with watercolour and gouache paints. over time I have tried different mediums and moved on to acrylic paint and graphite pencil. Just over 18 months ago I gave colour pencil and try and I love it!

Art has been a lifelong passion and it’s now time to take this up full time.

To get in touch with Katy and see her portraiture work follow the links:-

Here are some beautiful examples that Katy has shared with me to feature on this post:-

Katy ferrari animal artist

So if you’re thinking of having a portrait done of your fur baby, then get in touch with Katy. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂 x

Fliss & Matilda’s Equine Photoshoot

One spring Sunday afternoon I went up to Chesterfield to meet with Fliss and her horse Matilda.  This was one photoshoot I was really looking forward to for many reasons.

Fliss had been given one of my gift vouchers for Christmas back in 2016 from recollection.  Sadly didn’t get Matilda booked in until a while later due to horse issues and lameness which happens from time to time. I’m a horse owner so can sympathise there, as these things are out of our control, so as an animal photographer, an element of empathy in my job comes part and parcel of it really.  Eventually, Matilda was well enough to have an on location photoshoot. So I met up with Fliss’ husband so he could navigate us to where I would be meeting up with Fliss and Matilda.

The first part of the shoot would be taking place with the kind permission of the Land Owner, who Fliss had had contact with in a beautiful rapeseed field full of dreamy yellowness! I can say I was in my element with this! It’s not often I get to go on location so it is exciting.

The second part was back to the park where we had first met. A short walk through the wood and there were Bluebells, little rock waterfalls and wild Garlic.  So we spent the last part of the photoshoot here ensuring not to trample on all the loveliness around us.  It really was a great shoot to do and have featured a short photofilm of the shoot and some favourite photos from the session. If you are interested in booking in a horse photoshoot session, then do get in touch!


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