The Dreaded Covid-19 Thing

So today I have written a little Covid-19 Statement on my website. All it is there for is to simply give reassurance to all clients be it old or new ones. It’s TMS Photography’s promise to adhere to safe working practices whilst still being able to take those wonderful portraits.

The Covid-19 Statement

Contactless and Cashless Equine/Dog/Brand Photography

TMS Photography has been working hard to ensure that TMS Photography can still supply your portrait session photographs in the safest possible way.  Clients past, present and new can be assured that during these rather difficult times, any sessions booked can be amended, rescheduled to an alternative date at no extra cost. Vouchers if purchased during 2020 can be extended to allow for extra time in the event of Covid-19 restrictions.

The safety of my clients and photographer is paramount to TMS Photography. TMS Photography has read through all the Government guidelines, familiarising with best working practices and still being able to capture quality portraits, social distancing measures can be maintained.

For the Client:-

  • If you are feeling unwell with a high temperature, a cough that is not usual to your own wellbeing – so out of the ordinary, loss of taste/smell, please let TMS Photography know as soon as possible where the session can be rescheduled.
  • If you are in a Lockdown area, please let TMS Photography know as soon as practically possible where the photoshoot cannot take place it can rescheduled
  • If you are located in an area of Localised Lockdown, do not travel outside that area for your photoshoot. Let TMS Photography know and we can reschedule.
  • Rule of six applies both outdoors and indoors to maintain best working practices and for the safety of client and photographer – this will change with Government advice as and when.
  • When it comes to previewing images, if you are located in an area of Lockdown, the photos will be placed onto an online gallery for you to view with a follow up Zoom call.
  • Previewing images can be done at a safe distance in larger spaces indoors.  Masks are to be worn by both client and photographer where social distancing is not possible.  Hand sanitisers will be readily available for use 

The Photographer 

  • If TMS Photography is suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms or has tested posted, all clients will be informed immediately and any appointments, photoshoots, deliveries of products will be rescheduled
  • If the area where the photographer is located is part of a localised Lockdown, clients will be contacted and any appointments rescheduled accordingly
  • TMS Photography will wear a mask when required for the safety of clients and the photographer when working in close proximity where social distancing cannot be maintained. 
  • Please respect these Guidelines at all times, they are here to protect everyone and prevent the spread of Covid-19

Thank you x

Introducing Animal Portrait Artist – Katy Ferrari

So over the course of the next few months, I will be featuring some pretty awesome people who like me love animals. Today’s feature is the superbly talented animal artist Katy Ferrari based in the East Midlands. Her work is just incredible but don’t take my word for it, go check her out at

I’ve known Katy for a good few years now and have photographed all her beautiful Welsh Collies and every session has been great. Her dogs have been wonderful and all three extremely photogenic and full of action. One photoshoot (the first one ever) even saw me get thigh high into the reservoir to capture a flying collie. A couple of years later, I got the opportunity to photograph her new puppy, Noodle last summer when she was just 16-20 weeks old I believe.

So I asked Katy how and when she developed this amazing artistic talent and how that has since progressed into a business for her.

Katy: I have always had a love for drawing, it’s all I wanted to do from the moment I could hold a pencil, I spent all my preschool time at my easel! My first school report age 5 says “Katy is showing an artistic talent”.

I got 98% in my GCSE art exam at school but chose not to go to art college as all i wanted to do was draw animals do I completed a degree in equine studies and worked with horses.

I have drawn portraits as a hobby and a side line alongside full time work since 1996. Having had a keen interest in horses since my first riding lesson at 5 years old, horses are the main subject of my work with dogs a close second.

Initially I worked with watercolour and gouache paints. over time I have tried different mediums and moved on to acrylic paint and graphite pencil. Just over 18 months ago I gave colour pencil and try and I love it!

Art has been a lifelong passion and it’s now time to take this up full time.

To get in touch with Katy and see her portraiture work follow the links:-

Here are some beautiful examples that Katy has shared with me to feature on this post:-

Katy ferrari animal artist

So if you’re thinking of having a portrait done of your fur baby, then get in touch with Katy. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂 x

Fliss & Matilda’s Equine Photoshoot

One spring Sunday afternoon I went up to Chesterfield to meet with Fliss and her horse Matilda.  This was one photoshoot I was really looking forward to for many reasons.

Fliss had been given one of my gift vouchers for Christmas back in 2016 from recollection.  Sadly didn’t get Matilda booked in until a while later due to horse issues and lameness which happens from time to time. I’m a horse owner so can sympathise there, as these things are out of our control, so as an animal photographer, an element of empathy in my job comes part and parcel of it really.  Eventually, Matilda was well enough to have an on location photoshoot. So I met up with Fliss’ husband so he could navigate us to where I would be meeting up with Fliss and Matilda.

The first part of the shoot would be taking place with the kind permission of the Land Owner, who Fliss had had contact with in a beautiful rapeseed field full of dreamy yellowness! I can say I was in my element with this! It’s not often I get to go on location so it is exciting.

The second part was back to the park where we had first met. A short walk through the wood and there were Bluebells, little rock waterfalls and wild Garlic.  So we spent the last part of the photoshoot here ensuring not to trample on all the loveliness around us.  It really was a great shoot to do and have featured a short photofilm of the shoot and some favourite photos from the session. If you are interested in booking in a horse photoshoot session, then do get in touch!


Write to Ride – For Pony Club Members

How exciting, I’ve teamed up with Penny Grubb, Crime Novelist to offer some wonderful prizes for a writing competition for all Pony Club Members to take part in.

I love being involved in some way with ventures like these and proud to be a part of this competition and for all those lucky winners, the prizes are brilliant.  Not only that, the lucky winners will feature in Equestrian Life Magazine along with all the sponsors and prize-hosts!  I’m giving away a photoshoot voucher worth £125.00 to one lucky person which I’m so excited about!

To find out how to enter if you are a Pony Club Member, please click here

Why not give it a go? There’s still time to get your entries in for judging by Danuta Kot, crime novelist Penny Grubb and for those racing stories by author and TV Producer John Fairley!  Please share amongst your Pony Club friends too… There is a huge list of prizes so go take a look and good luck to all that enter.

If you would like to know more information about my work, please grab a drink and watch my 2019 highlights and check through my archives.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Much Love Tracey xx

Creativity during Lockdown 2020

As a full time photographer, you can imagine once the Covid-19 Lockdown came into play my business came to a halt overnight.  Yes, I was worried sick, like many self-employed people out there and with a lockdown in place this would of course leave me financially broke and extremely stressed.  All spring and early summer weddings postponed, planned photoshoots to be rescheduled  and yes  I felt a little redundant.   Trying not to be glum about the situation, it has given me a lot of time to think about things and put life into perspective.

So, with the glorious weather I decided to go on the hunt for some different kinds of photography props to get the creative flair buzzing once again. I was beaming with excitement of this rather ridiculous idea but hey ho, no ventured, nothing gained!  I discovered that my daughter still had a box of old toys including my old ‘My Little Pony’ ponies which are around 37 years old.  Whilst routing for the my little ponies, I came across a perfectly dressed Barbie in the most beautiful dress and believe me, I didn’t even know my daughter still had these! What I find I thought to myself so carried on have a route around and came across Barbie’s pony which I named Chancer as I just couldn’t remember the original name.

It was golden hour in my garden with perfect lighting so here I set about giving Barbie and Chancer their own personal photoshoot.  Honestly, as crazy as this sounds it really was therapeutic and good my soul and mind.  My family did think I was a tad weird but hey, who cares.  I got to use my camera, my gorgeous lens I only use for weddings generally and most of all I had fun!

So what am I doing in the meantime I hear you ask?  I am concentrating my efforts an remaining visible, going through my archives finding images that I never posted at the time. I’m editing new/old stuff playing around.  I have days out and trips away that have never seen the light of day well until now anyway.  I am updating my Social Media with happy things and asking people to engage. I want to see those photos of your pet, surroundings and hearing your lockdown stories.  It is so important to stay happy right now. I am also trying to avoid the news and perhaps watching a little of it just once a day. I’m surrounding myself with happy wonderful memories, my family including my two beagles, the horse and the amazing little town we live in. I actually never realised just how many old memories of this little town has to someone who has lived here for the last 44 years.

I really do appreciate my garden and am grateful everyday for the joy it brings me whether it’s listening to the birds as the sun rises and sets to the gorgeous butterflies and bees that are just minding their own having no clue what is going on around the world.  Most of all my family are safe and well.  I still get to see my horse Ollie once a day as I am his primary carer and that makes life pretty much perfect!  As for money, yes of course we all need it but right now, I’m happy bumbling along realising that so long as I can take photos, I am extremely content and don’t think about the things that could easily change my mindset from a happy place! Apologies for my ramblings here are the photos from Barbie & Chancer’s Golden Hour Photoshoot – enjoy and I hope it brings a smile or two! Above all, stay home and Stay safe xx



Fi’s Equine Photoshoot – Derbyshire

A lovely summer’s evening and I met up with Christine and her horse Fi for their photoshoot.  Photoshoot locations scouted as it was at the yard where I also keep my horse Ollie so I’m very familiar of areas to use around the yard or in the open countryside.  So off up the tracks we went finding little parts I’d not previously used for photoshoots here.

Christine had opted for Fi’s show Double Bridle for their photoshoot.  I can honestly say it was cleaned to a very high show standard!  I was most impressed but then again, Christine has spent many years showing various horses so being meticulous comes as second nature.  Both Fi and Christine looked great from top to toe.

So a little bit about Fi.  Fi is now a 10 year old Skewbald Warmblood x Cob mare.  Her Sire was the Warmblood, so Fi has inherited her Sire’s looks when it comes to head shape and ears and her beautiful Skewbald colour was inherited from her Dam. Interestingly, Christine told me that Fi’s Grandsire is a coloured Irish Draught.

Ambitions for Fi going forwards – well Christine is very much looking forward to getting out doing Dressage and more ridden showing work so I will look forward to seeing her back out competing once again.

Here’s a little Slideshow, showcasing their photoshoot:

Some of my favourite photos too 🙂


An Evening with Ben Hobday, Eventer – Derbyshire

It was a late summers afternoon/evening over at Stydd House Equestrian near Ashbourne, Derbyshire where the lovely Ben Hobday would be doing a jumping demonstration.  I was fortunate to be the selected photographer to photograph the event.  Having followed Ben over a number of years throughout his eventing career, I was a little excited.  It’s always lovely to have an opportunity like this and they don’t come along very often.

I am very passionate about being a horse photographer and although I don’t event myself, as I’m just not brave enough I love photographing horses in action particularly dressage and cross country.  I always find that showjumping whilst great from the sidelines, finding the right location inside the ring without being a distraction is all a bit much for me,  I want great photos but don’t ever wish to find myself incorrectly placed.  I love photographing from the sidelines in the right place again without being a distraction.  Which is pretty much what I did for the demonstration evening so as not to get in the way!   It was a perfect evening and meeting Ben was a fantastic opportunity and one I’ll not forget.  Here are some photos from the demo evening.


Joy & Magic – Equine Photoshoot

How time flies and I’ve been meaning to write a blog for ages but sadly life was a little too busy.  On reflection, I should have kept on top of the blogging side but hey I didn’t and I won’t feel too guilty about it.  I work hard and sometimes these little things go amiss.

Anyway, Happy new year to you all! Hope you had a really lovely time.  Shame we now have this Storm Brendan circling around us. The fields are sodden, the wind is somewhat a tad windy. Christmas has been and gone and a new year has begun.  Lots of exciting things happening, so watch this space and I will blog about them, it’s in the plan! I may not make resolutions but I do write down a plan and this year a goal which I aim to achieve is to stick the bloody plan, that I painstakingly make year on year!

Today’s blog is a little throwback to a couple of years ago in the Summer of 2017, to a photoshoot which I never got share at the time. other than on Facebook and instagram.  So I thought as I’m on a mission to fully catch up with things, that I would finally blog about it.  It was a gorgeous summer morning, very warm with a little breeze. The crops had been harvested so it was perfect for using the top fields as a starting point.  As a horse photographer, I love using wide open spaces, especially ones with a great backdrop or viewpoint.  What I love about photographing horses with their owners, is capturing the connection they have between them. Now Joy used to compete Magic to British Eventing Novice level so the trust they had together as a partnership was very special.  Sadly, Magic is no longer here due to a condition that was debilitating to her in the end so the kindest thing was to let her go.  I know how sad and tough that was on everyone involved. She’d had an amazing life though and was loved by all through it all.

So I guess this blog is a gentle reminder that our fur babies can leave us at any time and we should treasure every moment with them and if the purse strings allow, have some amazing photos taken so the memory is kept alive not just mentally, visually too.  Wall art is a precious thing and we probably don’t realise it until after we’ve said goodbye. Being a fellow equestrian and having my horse Ollie, I know how much they mean to us and the smile they put on our faces every single day.

Here’s a little slideshow of Magic x


Harry – The Fox Red Labrador

I’ve been photographing Harry since he turned 2 years old. Every year we have a little photoshoot outdoors somewhere in all seasons so it would seem. It’s always a new adventure.  Harry, as the title suggests is a Fox Red Labrador aged 4.  He’s super friendly (when you know him of course as with all dogs) and has such an adorable face.

He loves water, playing fetch the ball and collecting sticks.  He pulls the most outrageous face when shaking off excess water and is full of character.  His mum might say. ‘Harry you goon’ in a loveable way of course.  He is a dog full of expressions and happy to please!

So here is a little slideshow of him from a couple of summers ago!  I never got round to blogging his photoshoot session.  I’m slowly catching up and although this is a tad overdue, blogging is something I just forget to do!  I know that as a photographer I should blog more and more but it’s a busy time and blogging is always something I deem less important – but I know better now!

Some of my favourite images:

Labrador_dog_photography-44Labrador_dog_photography-3Labrador_dog_photography-8Labrador_dog_photography-14Labrador_dog_photography-22Labrador_dog_photography-30Labrador_dog_photography-54Labrador_dog_photography-49Labrador_dog_photography-59Labrador_dog_photography-57If you would like to book in for a photoshoot with your four legged pal, then please drop me an email at


Ashby Show 2019

So yesterday I got up at 5.45am to get ready to set up my little stand at Ashby Show held at Cattows Farm.

I’m always a tad nervous at going to events it’s not the showcasing I’m proud of my work, it’s more me! I’m either a little shy or chat like a runaway train. I love what I do immensely and I really enjoyed chatting to those that stopped by. So thank you for taking the time out to stop by!

For one week only I have the “Ashby Show Offer” which is £99.00 and includes not only the photoshoot session, editing and an online gallery but also 5 8×10″ prints. A steal honestly as it’s a huge saving of £76.00 and we all love saving money. So please don’t hesitate to book as the offer is only valid until 11.00pm 21.07.19. Some travel charges may apply for long distance bookings but honestly it won’t be a lot!

So to book and get this great offer, email me at

The session can take place at anytime during the remainder of this year so that’s a whole 5.5 months!

So I really hope to see some of you soon for your photoshoots 🐎🐶.

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